Wuxia literally means "martial hero". It is broad genre of Chinese fiction describing adventures of martial artists. Young male protagonist undertakes several trials and tribulations and learns several forms of martial arts from various fighters. At the end of the story he becomes a powerful fighter whom few can equal.

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Built with LESS

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GeckoMozilla 1.7Win 98+ / OSX.1+1.7A
GeckoMozilla 1.8Win 98+ / OSX.1+1.8A
GeckoSeamonkey 1.1Win 98+ / OSX.2+1.8A
GeckoEpiphany 2.20Gnome1.8A
WebkitSafari 1.2OSX.3125.5A
WebkitSafari 1.3OSX.3312.8A
WebkitSafari 2.0OSX.4+419.3A
WebkitSafari 3.0OSX.4+522.1A
WebkitOmniWeb 5.5OSX.4+420A
WebkitiPod Touch / iPhoneiPod420.1A
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PrestoOpera 7.5Win 95+ / OSX.2+-A
PrestoOpera 8.0Win 95+ / OSX.2+-A
PrestoOpera 8.5Win 95+ / OSX.2+-A
PrestoOpera 9.0Win 95+ / OSX.3+-A
PrestoOpera 9.2Win 88+ / OSX.3+-A
PrestoOpera 9.5Win 88+ / OSX.3+-A
PrestoOpera for WiiWii-A
PrestoNokia N800N800-A
PrestoNintendo DS browserNintendo DS8.5C/A1
KHTMLKonqureror 3.1KDE 3.13.1C
KHTMLKonqureror 3.3KDE 3.33.3A
KHTMLKonqureror 3.5KDE 3.53.5A
TasmanInternet Explorer 4.5Mac OS 8-9-X
TasmanInternet Explorer 5.1Mac OS 7.6-91C
TasmanInternet Explorer 5.2Mac OS 8-X1C
MiscNetFront 3.1Embedded devices-C
MiscNetFront 3.4Embedded devices-A
MiscDillo 0.8Embedded devices-X
MiscLinksText only-X
MiscLynxText only-X
MiscIE MobileWindows Mobile 6-C
MiscPSP browserPSP-C
Other browsersAll others--U

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  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3 code
  • Lightweight style
  • Works with old browsers
  • Super easy to modify
  • Built with LESS
  • Various mixins, color variables
  • Support for phones and tablets
  • Easy to customize